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Should I Change My Dentist?

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The thought of visiting a dentist often gives shivers. But the case is not the same when you’ve got an experienced dentist that makes you comfortable even in the dentist’s chair. Unfortunately, not all dentists can give the same level of comfort, which is why dental anxiety is so common and makes us skip dental appointments. If you live in Edmonton, it’s convenient to look for an experienced dentist in North Edmonton like ours at One67 Dental to make dental checkups/cleaning fun for you.

If you’re in the same boat, there’s a high possibility that you’re planning to change your dentist. The process isn’t easy, especially if you once felt your oral health was in safe hands. But no longer feel the same, maybe because of service, comfort, location, or changes in dental insurance.

Whatever the reason, making a change is necessary, but finding an experienced dentist in Edmonton isn’t easy. It is because there are very few dental clinics in Northside Edmonton where you can drive quickly, especially for emergency dental care. That’s why it’s essential to think twice before you change your dentist.

When to Change To a Dentist?

There can be a multitude of reasons or excuses that you can own to change to a dentist. It doesn’t always have to be necessarily true, but honesty is the best policy, especially when you’re breaking up with your beloved dentist. If you need suggestions, look below at common reasons people change their dentists to improve dental care, or give our northside dentists at One67 Dental a call to learn more about us.

1. Communication

When patients enter the dental clinic, they expect to feel welcomed by staff and receive genuine treatment. Unfortunately, not every dental appointment makes you excited to get your oral health checked for the same reason. If you also no longer feel welcome in your dental clinic and think communication is not up to the mark, it’s better to change your dentist.

2. Friendly Dentist

Getting a friendly dentist is no less than a blessing. This becomes more important if you feel comfortable in dental appointments without getting dental anxiety. A friendly dentist will listen calmly, take an interest in your words and find the best possible treatment for you. However, if you’re struggling to create a friendly relationship with your dentist for any reason, it’s important to value both time and money by looking for a new dentist.

Luckily, there are many dental clinics in Northside Edmonton with friendly staff and experienced dentists to look after your dental care through regular dental checkups/ cleaning.

3. Dentist Appointments

Another primary reason people change dentists is because of tiring dental appointments that are either too lengthy or scheduled at the wrong time. This becomes more frustrating if you’ve got a busy schedule or live far from the location of a dental clinic. If any of this is your concern, it’s high time to look for a dentist that offers flexibility when it comes to timings. If you’re based in Edmonton, a good suggestion is to look out for the best dental clinics in Northside Edmonton as they also cater emergency dental care.

As a Northside Edmonton resident, you might find it very hard to drive to a distant location, which is why we invite you to visit our dentists at One67 Dental in North Edmonton.

4. Lack of Advanced Equipment

Dentistry is one of the most advanced fields today, but having a dentist that still uses old techniques, outdated dental appliances, and not-so-effective treatments is a big loophole. Whether it’s your regular dental checkup/ cleaning or you’ve come for emergency dental care, it’s a must to have a qualified dentist that gives dental care without pain.

Some patients also complain that their dentists don’t cater to their respective needs. For example, if you’re scared of injections, the dentist should use another pain-free alternative to give anesthesia instead of a shot.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with modern era dentists in North Edmonton, as they use modern equipment, special techniques, and methods for patients.

5. Hygiene

When it comes to oral health, you can’t risk hygiene, whether small dental equipment or a whole clinic. Many dental clinics still use the old, dirty, and unhygienic sterilization and cleaning procedure, and if yours is one, it’s better to step back. Here are a few ways to see if your cleanliness is a problem in your dental appointments.

Using same, dirty, or unsterilized equipment is considered unhygienic as it can cause potential problems in oral health.

If your dentist doesn’t use sanitary equipment or the same appliances used for other patients, it’s considered unhygienic.

Dirty clinics can break the impression of you as a patient. If you see dust and debris on the dentist’s chair, discuss it with your dentist or change your opinion.


The above-mentioned are the common reasons people switch to a new dentist to secure their dental care and give dental insurance. If you live in Edmonton or are planning to change to a dentist, we suggest you do some research to find the best dentist in North Edmonton and hope you find One67 Dental is right for you!

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