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Have you been wondering what options are available to you as far as correcting the alignment of your smile? You might have a thing or two that you’d like tweaked, or a more complex bite class that you think only traditional braces can fix. If you’re not sure whether orthodontic braces are for you, you may have lots of questions about it. Many of our patients who previously overlooked the idea of straightening their teeth with traditional braces because of the potential discomfort and the undeniable change to their appearance while wearing them, but Invisalign® has got them rethinking orthodontics. Why? For several reasons. Here is what you need to know about Invisalign® before you make an appointment with your dentist.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® aligners are the first of their kind and a revolution in the field of orthodontics. This system uses a set of removable aligners to align the teeth without the assistance of brackets, wires or elastic! The benefits of Invisalign® are many, but perhaps their greatest advantage over metal braces are their low visibility against the teeth. These aligners are made just for you in a special lab so that your aligners fit your teeth closely but maintain tension on the right places. An aligner looks like a clear plastic mouthguard that is thin and blends in for minimal visibility.

Aligners work on the same principal as metal braces, using precise pressure to move the teeth into place. The constant pressure against the teeth being adjusted causes them to respond by wearing away bone on one side of the bone socket to facilitate movement away from the pressure while, on the other side, bone is rebuilt in order to keep the tooth stable as it moves. The difference is, with aligners you get to forego the painful adjustment process that occurs every 4 to 10 weeks! Adjustments with Invisalign® are made incrementally over time, meaning smaller adjustments but more frequently.

An aligner set is typically comprised of between 20 and 30 aligners, but this will vary based upon the degree of malocclusion (crooked teeth). Each pair of aligners is meant to be worn for a period of time (2 weeks or at the discretion of your dentist), after which they will be replaced with the next set of aligners in your program.

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Not for Everyone

If you have more than moderate malocclusion, Invisalign® may not be for you. This is because Invisalign® is limited in its capacity to correct turned teeth, large gaps and conditions that require the heavy lifting power of traditional braces.

This system is not recommended for younger patients or those who will find the strict cleaning and eating regimen required to have success with Invisalign® difficult to maintain. With these aligners your best outcome is a smile that will last for years to come, but the worst-case scenario is sub-standard results, along with gum irritation, gingivitis periodontitis or decay – and it all comes down to you.

Wearing Invisalign® requires a commitment of a minimum of 22 hours of wear daily. You will need to wear them throughout the day and the night, and only take them out for meals. This might seem unreasonable – but trust us, it’s for good reason.

Bacteria and plaque love to live where is it warm and moist, and your mouth is both those things! That means that putting aligners in over teeth that have not been cleaned is just like putting a plastic bag over the food particles and plaque bacteria in the mouth. This is a recipe for disaster as far as tooth decay goes. But there is a flip side to the story which is that you can eat as you normally would with Invisalign® and that if you need to take your aligners out every time you want to snack and drink something sweet and acidic, you’re likely to snack less and drink more water. 12 to 18 months of brushing after meals and saying no to sweets is plenty of time to establish these habits which could serve you for the rest of your life! Your oral health might even be healthier after Invisalign® than before you began!

Caring for Aligners

One of the most important things to remember when wearing Invisalign® is that drinking hot beverages with your aligners in is likely to warp your aligners and slow down your progress. It doesn’t take much warping before your aligners will not fit your teeth as well, and therefore the appliance can struggle to exert pressure on the teeth. Always remove your aligners before drinking warm beverages.

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