How Should I Care for My Mouth After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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“Siri – Find a Dentist Near Me!”

Do you ever wonder how many times Siri hears these frantic calls for a dentist who can resolve painful dental infections? At One67 Dental, we’re here to help! Whether your wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton was planned or due to a dental emergency, the aftercare for this kind of wound is more complex than with other areas of the mouth.


A wisdom tooth is larger than the other teeth in your mouth, and it often shows up late to the party to cause trouble. These teeth don’t emerge until we are in our late teens or early twenties, and they usually announce themselves by creating pressure and soreness behind the last molars if they are not caught by a family dentist in Edmonton during a routine dental checkup.


What Is the Best Dental Clinic for Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Edmonton?

If you are looking for a dentist in North Edmonton to perform your wisdom teeth extraction(s), One67 Dental would be pleased to partner with you. Our North Edmonton dentist is experienced in wisdom teeth extraction such that, in most cases, you can have your tooth or teeth removed right here at our dental clinic in North Edmonton. While we are happy to assist in planned removal of the wisdom teeth, patients who are experiencing symptoms of infection should call an emergency dentist if we (or their regular North Edmonton dentist) are unable to see them the same day.


In the event of a dental emergency, there is no time to find the best dentist in Edmonton and see them for a consultation. If a wisdom tooth needs to be pulled, it should be done as soon as possible to prevent other complications from the infection. Patients feel much better after their infected tooth has been removed because the nerve will no longer be sending pain signals to the brain – now it’s time to focus on healing

Recovering From Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Following your extraction, you will be discharged from the clinic with specific aftercare instructions which should be followed as much as possible. There are, however, some aftercare tips and tricks that everyone should know. If you were sedated during the procedure, you will need to attend the clinic with a chaperone who can take you home safely and manage the instructions from the doctor.

Your dentist is likely to prescribe pain management medication to take in the days following your extraction. Sometimes, patients wait too long before taking pain medications which can result in too much inflammation and discomfort for the medications to resolve. This is referred to as ‘chasing’ the pain. We recommend that our patients take all pain prescriptions as prescribed after extraction so that the pain does not have an opportunity to get outside of the zone of comfort.

There is more that can be done to support your comfort than just medication. We recommend using a cold compress on the affected side of the face for ten minutes at a time. Between compresses, allow the skin to return to body temperature. Do not leave a cold compress on while sleeping as there is a risk of freezing. Ice chips and ice water can be helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation and can be used as often as tolerated. Warm liquids should be avoided until they can comfortably be held in the mouth, since warmth may worsen inflammation. Coffee lovers can enjoy iced coffee for a few days following the extraction procedure.

Your wisdom tooth removal will leave a socket hole in the mouth which is protected with a blood clot. Sucking on straws or cigarettes puts you at serious risk of disrupting the delicate clot – and the clot is what protects the nerve from the elements inside your mouth. This condition is painful but can be prevented by using a spoon for foods like slushies that would normally be eaten with a straw. Yes! Slushies are definitely on the menu after having your wisdom tooth removed! The cold beverage will not only be delicious, but it can help to decrease swelling in the mouth. Stick to liquids for the first day or two before attempting to add too much texture to your food. Broths, Jell-O, and smoothies lead to banana when you feel ready, and before you know it you’ll be back to eating your favorite crunchy snacks.

As a Northside Edmonton dentist, we understand the anxiety that can often accompany wisdom tooth extraction and we endeavor to provide each of our patients with a positive experience. Our dental team is ready to support you whether you require medical assistance to remain calm, or just a hand to hold. One67 dental is currently welcoming new patients to our North Edmonton clinic location. Call to book a consultation.

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